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New appointments

Here are the government appointments that have been made to provincial agencies and other entities in the past 30 days.

No. Member Position Term Location
Broader Public Sector Cyber Security Expert Panel
1. ROBERT WONG Chair (Part-Time) 15-Oct-2020 - 14-Oct-2022 TORONTO
2. ADAM EVANS Vice-Chair (Part-Time) 15-Oct-2020 - 14-Oct-2022 TORONTO
3. ANTOINE HAROUN Member (Part-Time) 15-Oct-2020 - 14-Oct-2022 OAKVILLE
4. ANDREW KIRSCH Member (Part-Time) 15-Oct-2020 - 14-Oct-2022 TORONTO
5. CAROLYN GLASER Member (Part-Time) 08-Oct-2020 - 14-Oct-2022 LONDON
6. DEREK BOWERS Member (Part-Time) 15-Oct-2020 - 14-Oct-2022 WASAGA BEACH
7. HELENE FOURNIER Member (Part-Time) 15-Oct-2020 - 14-Oct-2022 ORLEANS
8. ISAAC STRALEY Member (Part-Time) 15-Oct-2020 - 14-Oct-2022 TORONTO
9. SCOTT CURRIE Member (Part-Time) 15-Oct-2020 - 14-Oct-2022 GEORGETOWN
10. MARC COYLE Member (Part-Time) 15-Oct-2020 - 14-Oct-2022 BELLEVILLE
Centennial College Of Applied Arts And Technology - Board Of Governors
1. YVONNE VON JENA Member (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 31-Aug-2023 TORONTO
Fire Safety Commission (Tribunals Ontario)
1. NOELINE PAUL Vice-Chair (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 20-Nov-2021 RICHMOND HILL
2. PAUL STOPCIATI Member (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 30-Sep-2022 SUDBURY
Human Rights Tribunal Of Ontario (Tribunals Ontario)
1. SIMON DANN Member (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 30-Sep-2022 TORONTO
Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation
1. LUCY BELANGER Member (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 30-Sep-2022 THUNDER BAY
Ontario Energy Board
1. RICHARD DICERNI Chair (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 30-Sep-2022 OTTAWA
2. ALLISON DUFF Commissioner (Full-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 30-Sep-2022 TORONTO
3. PANKAJ SARDANA Commissioner (Full-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 30-Sep-2022 OAKVILLE
4. ROBERT DODDS Commissioner (Full-Time) 30-Sep-2020 - 29-Sep-2022 OAKVILLE
5. GLENN O’FARRELL Director (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 30-Sep-2022 TORONTO
6. JOHN KNUBLEY Director (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 30-Sep-2022 OTTAWA
7. GERALD (GERRY) MONCRIEF Director (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 30-Sep-2022 KEEWATIN
8. MARIE OSWALD Director (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 30-Sep-2022 OAKVILLE
9. SUSANNA ZAGAR Chief Executive Officer (Full-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 30-Sep-2022 OAKVILLLE
10. LYNNE ANDERSON Chief Commissioner (Full-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 30-Sep-2022 TORONTO
Ontario Food Terminal Board
1. STEVE BAMFORD Member (Part-Time) 04-Oct-2020 - 03-Oct-2023 ETOBICOKE
Ontario Internal Audit Committee
1. RANI DHALIWAL Member (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 30-Sep-2023 MISSISSAUGA
Ontario Parole Board (Tribunals Ontario)
1. CAROLINE FLETCHER-DAGENAIS Member (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 30-Sep-2022 ROCKLAND
Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation (Destination Ontario)
1. TODD HALPERN Chair (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 30-Sep-2023 TORONTO
Pay Equity Commission Of Ontario - Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal
1. CAROLINE ROWAN Alternate Presiding Officer (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2020 - 05-Aug-2022 TORONTO