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New appointments

Here are the government appointments that have been made to provincial agencies and other entities in the past 30 days.

No. Member Position Term Location
Algonquin Forestry Authority
1. DAMION KETCHUM Member (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-2022 TORONTO
Consent And Capacity Board
1. YVONNE HARRIS Member (Part-Time) 18-Oct-2019 - 17-Oct-2022 SHUNIAH
2. MAURICE GIROUX Member (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-2022 BRIGHTON
3. ELIZABETH HARVIE Member (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-2022 TORONTO
4. DONALD BRADEN Member (Part-Time) 18-Oct-2019 - 17-Oct-2024 KINGSTON
Council Of The College Of Audiologists And Speech-Language Pathologists Of Ontario
1. SHARI WILSON Member (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-2020 TORONTO
Council Of The College Of Denturists Of Ontario
1. LILEATH CLAIRE Member (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-2020 OAKVILLE
Council Of The College Of Kinesiologists Of Ontario
1. CHAD MCCLEAVE Member (Part-Time) 02-Oct-2019 - 01-Oct-2022 AURORA
2. SANDRA WEEKS Member (Part-Time) 02-Oct-2019 - 01-Oct-2022 PORT PERRY
Council Of The Royal College Of Dental Surgeons Of Ontario
1. DAVID BISHOP Member (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-2022 MISSISSAUGA
Health Professions Appeal And Review Board
1. MARIA CAPULONG Member (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-2022 VAUGHAN
Health Services Appeal And Review Board
1. MARIA CAPULONG Member (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-2022 VAUGHAN
Independent Electricity System Operator (Ieso)
1. CYNTHIA CHAPLIN Member (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2019 - 30-Sep-2021 TORONTO
2. MARGARET KELCH Member (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2019 - 30-Sep-2021 ETOBICOKE
Licence Appeal Tribunal (Tribunals Ontario)
1. JONATHAN BATTY Associate Chair (Full-Time) 04-Oct-2019 - 03-Oct-2021 TORONTO
Office Of The Independent Police Review Director
1. SYLVANA CAPOGRECO Director 01-Oct-2019 - 31-Dec-2019 TORONTO
Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation
1. CONNIE DEJAK Chair (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-2020 TORONTO
Ontario Internal Audit Committee
1. GREGORY MEREDITH Member (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-2022
Ontario Review Board
1. ANGUS MCDONALD Member (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-2024 TORONTO
Pay Equity Commission Of Ontario - Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal
1. LORI BOLTON Member (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-2022 COLDWATER
Police Services Board - Leamington (Municipality Of)
1. DEREK FRIESEN Member (Part-Time) 18-Oct-2019 - 17-Oct-2022 LEAMINGTON
Rural Economic Development Advisory Panel (Redap)
1. DANIELLE COLLINS Member (Part-Time) 10-Oct-2019 - 09-Oct-2022 GUELPH
Species At Risk Program Advisory Committee
1. IAN DUNN Member (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-2022 TORONTO
2. ASHLEE ZELEK Member (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-2022 ERIN
3. MATT DEMILLE Member (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-2022 HAVELOCK
Technical Standards And Safety Authority
1. ELAINE PITCHER Member (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2019 - 30-Sep-2020 SAULT STE. MARIE
2. WENDY TILFORD Member (Part-Time) 01-Oct-2019 - 30-Sep-2020 TORONTO
3. BRIAN MCQUEEN Member (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 31-Dec-2021 OAKVILLE
University Of Toronto Governing Council
1. BRIAN D. LAWSON Member (Part-Time) 26-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-2022 TORONTO
Workplace Safety And Insurance Appeals Tribunal
1. KATHARINE EVANS Vice-Chair (Part-Time) 04-Oct-2019 - 03-Oct-2022 TORONTO
2. SUE PECKOVER Vice-Chair (Part-Time) 20-Oct-2019 - 19-Oct-2020 PICKERING
3. ANN SOMERVILLE Vice-Chair (Part-Time) 04-Oct-2019 - 03-Oct-2022 TORONTO
4. CHANTELLE ZEHR Vice-Chair (Part-Time) 04-Oct-2019 - 03-Oct-2022 KITCHENER
5. KRISTEN SODEN Member (Part-Time) 18-Oct-2019 - 17-Oct-2022 TORONTO