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New appointments

Here are the government appointments that have been made to provincial agencies and other entities in the past 30 days.

No. Member Position Term Location
Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
1. PAUL STOYAN Vice-Chair (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 TORONTO
Art Gallery of Ontario
1. MARIANNE GUIZZETTI Member (Part-Time) 17-Sep-2023 - 16-Sep-2026 TORONTO
Bloorview School Authority
1. KEVIN COLLINS Member (Part-Time) 30-Aug-2023 - 14-Nov-2026 BARRIE
Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology - Board of Governors
1. SOPHIA MOUTSATSOS Member (Part-Time) 01-Sep-2023 - 31-Aug-2026 SUDBURY
CHEO School Authority
1. BENOIT LABERGE Member (Part-Time) 30-Aug-2023 - 14-Nov-2026 L'ORIGNAL
Condominium Authority of Ontario
1. BAKIR ALAZAWI Member (Part-Time) 05-Sep-2023 - 04-Sep-2024 MISSISSAUGA
2. SAMEER MALIK Member (Part-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2025 MISSISSAUGA
Council of the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario
1. BONNY KAMAN LI Member (Part-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2024 MARKHAM
2. SAM SINJARI Member (Part-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2024 WINDSOR
Council of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario
1. ROBERT CHOPOWICK Member (Part-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2024 AJAX
Council of the College of Medical Radiation and Imaging Technologists of Ontario
1. DELANAH GOBIO Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2026 GEORGINA
Council of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario
1. MARK HELLER Member (Part-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2024 HILLSBURGH
George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology - Board of Governors
1. MILLAN MULRAINE Member (Part-Time) 01-Sep-2023 - 31-Aug-2026 OAKVILLE
Grandview School Authority
1. MICHAEL BARRETT Member (Part-Time) 30-Aug-2023 - 14-Nov-2026 LAKEFIELD
Grant Review Team - Algoma, Cochrane, Manitoulin and Sudbury - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. JOSEPH FRATESI Member (Part-Time) 14-Sep-2023 - 13-Sep-2026 SAULT STE. MARIE
Grant Review Team - Champlain - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. FRANCOIS BOSSE Member (Part-Time) 14-Sep-2023 - 13-Sep-2026 PLANTAGENET
Grant Review Team - Grand River - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. GEORGE SANTOS Member (Part-Time) 11-Sep-2023 - 10-Sep-2026 SIMCOE
Grant Review Team - Muskoka, Nipissing, Parry Sound and Timiskaming - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. GORDON HAUGH Member (Part-Time) 14-Sep-2023 - 13-Sep-2026 GRAVENHURST
Grant Review Team - Niagara - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. BRUCE TIMMS Member (Part-Time) 14-Sep-2023 - 13-Sep-2026 ST.CATHARINES
Grant Review Team - Simcoe-York - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. RICHARD FARMER Member (Part-Time) 11-Sep-2023 - 10-Sep-2026 STOUFFVILLE
Grant Review Team - Thames Valley - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. MICHELLENE BEAUCHAMP Member (Part-Time) 14-Sep-2023 - 13-Sep-2026 HICKSON
2. ALAN DALE Member (Part-Time) 14-Sep-2023 - 13-Sep-2026 WOODSTOCK
3. JENNIFER ALBRECHT Member (Part-Time) 14-Sep-2023 - 13-Sep-2026 TAVISTOCK
4. BETH ALLISON Member (Part-Time) 20-Sep-2023 - 19-Sep-2026 LONDON
Health Professions Appeal and Review Board
1. DONNA GILES Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 OAKVILLE
2. ELENI PALANTZAS Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 TORONTO
3. JUNIOR MANDOKO Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 AJAX
4. CAMILLE CLYNE Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 TORONTO
Health Services Appeal and Review Board
1. JASON ALEXANDER Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 PRINCE EDWARD
2. NATASHA GRAHAM Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 TORONTO
3. CAMILLE CLYNE Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 TORONTO
4. DONALD JAMIESON Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 MISSISSAUGA
Health Unit Board - Algoma
1. DONALD MCCONNELL Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 SAULT STE. MARIE
Health Unit Board - North Bay Parry Sound District
1. CATHERINE STILL Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 BURK'S FALLS
Health Unit Board - Porcupine
1. CINDY MARKS-CAMPBELL Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 TIMMINS
2. SUZANNE PERRAS Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 SMOOTH ROCK FALLS
Health Unit Board - Sudbury and District
1. RYAN ANDERSON Member (Part-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2024 LITTLE CURRENT
Health Unit Board - Thunder Bay District
1. ALLAN MIHALCIN Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 THUNDER BAY
2. BEATRICE METZLER Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 THUNDER BAY
Health Unit Board - Timiskaming
1. DAVID LOWE Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 NEW LISKEARD
2. TODD STEIS Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 TEMISKAMING SHORES
3. CATHY DWYER Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 NEW LISKEARD
Health Unit Board - Windsor-Essex County
1. MIKE HORROBIN Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 WINDSOR
Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee
1. KAREN RESTOULE Member (Part-Time) 12-Sep-2023 - 11-Sep-2026 NORTH BAY
KidsAbility School Authority
1. WENDY MCINTYRE Member (Part-Time) 30-Aug-2023 - 14-Nov-2026 WATERLOO
Landlord and Tenant Board (Tribunals Ontario)
1. JUSTIN LEUNG Member (Full-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2025 TORONTO
2. HENRY YEUNG Member (Full-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2025 MARKHAM
3. KEVIN O'BRIEN Member (Full-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2025 LONDON
4. BILL KUKULEWICH Member (Full-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2025 NEWMARKET
5. BRENDA MERCER Member (Full-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2025 WINDSOR
6. CHARLES DOWDALL Member (Full-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2025 KINGSTON
7. QI (JOY) XIAO Member (Full-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2025 AURORA
8. KATE SINIPOSTOLOVA Member (Full-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2025 TORONTO
9. ELENA JACOB Member (Full-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2025 HAMILTON
10. MELISSA ANJEMA Member (Full-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2025 STRATHROY
11. DAWN CARR Member (Full-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2025 BURLINGTON
12. JACK JAMIESON Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 THUNDER BAY
Licence Appeal Tribunal (Tribunals Ontario)
1. CLIVE FORBES Member (Full-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2025 LONDON
2. DAVID TO Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 RICHMOND HILL
3. LISA HOLLAND Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 MISSISSAUGA
4. GREG WITT Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 ANCASTER
5. ANGELA JONSSON Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 TORONTO
6. CHRISTOS PERIVOLARIS Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 ETOBICOKE
7. KIEFFER NORTON Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 TORONTO
Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology - Board of Governors
1. MURRAY ANGUS Member (Part-Time) 01-Sep-2023 - 31-Aug-2026 FOXBORO
McMaster University Board of Governors
1. BENJAMIN MENKA Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2027 BURLINGTON
Minister's Advisory Council on Special Education
1. SUE WILSON Member (Part-Time) 30-Aug-2023 - 29-Aug-2025 VANKLEEK HILL, ONTARIO
Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
1. DEREK VANSTONE Member (Part-Time) 14-Sep-2023 - 13-Sep-2026 TORONTO
Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Board of Governors
1. LINDA FRANKLIN Member (Part-Time) 01-Sep-2023 - 31-Aug-2026 TORONTO
Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology - Board of Governors
1. KRAYMR GRENKE Member (Part-Time) 01-Sep-2023 - 31-Aug-2026 TIMMINS
Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission
1. RALPH DIETRICH Vice-Chair (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 MILDMAY
2. CHERYL FIRBY Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 ST. MARYS
Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation (Infrastructure Ontario)
1. BASHAR ALREHANY Vice-Chair (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 16-Feb-2026 MISSISSAUGA
Ontario Labour Relations Board
1. MAHEEN MERCHANT Vice-Chair (Full-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 TORONTO
Ontario Land Tribunal
1. NEHAD (NED) ALLAM Member (Full-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 TORONTO
Ontario Research Fund Advisory Board
1. ROBERT LUKE Member (Part-Time) 19-Sep-2023 - 18-Sep-2024 TORONTO
2. ANDREW KIRSCH Member (Part-Time) 19-Sep-2023 - 18-Sep-2024 TORONTO
Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation (Destination Ontario)
1. ANDREW GALLORO Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2026 TORONTO
Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. DIANE MAVRINAC-ROSS Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Jun-2026 TORONTO
Police Services Board - Thunder Bay (City of)
1. WAYNE BAHLIEDA Member (Part-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2024 THUNDER BAY
Province of Ontario Council for the Arts (Ontario Arts Council)
1. ISABELLE BOULERICE-LEBLANC Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2026 EMBRUN
Real Estate Council of Ontario
1. OVAIS IQBAL Member (Part-Time) 30-Aug-2023 - 29-Aug-2024 MISSISSAUGA
Social Benefits Tribunal (Tribunals Ontario)
1. KELSEY HENDERSON Member (Full-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2025 PETERBOROUGH
2. TUGBA KARADEMIR Member (Full-Time) 07-Sep-2023 - 06-Sep-2025 ORILLIA
Soldiers' Aid Commission
1. MR SCOTT SA HEALEY Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2026 OTTAWA
Species at Risk Conservation Trust (Species Conservation Action Agency)
1. IAN BARRETT Chair (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2026 VINELAND
Species at Risk Program Advisory Committee
1. SAJJAD HUSSAIN Member (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2026 TORONTO
Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal
1. ELIZABETH LOUISE LOGAN Vice-Chair (Part-Time) 31-Aug-2023 - 30-Aug-2025 TORONTO