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New appointments

Here are the government appointments that have been made to provincial agencies and other entities in the past 30 days.

No. Member Position Term Location
Accessibility Standards Advisory Council
1. GEORGE QUARCOO Member (Part-Time) 28-Jul-2021 - 22-Aug-2022 NORTH YORK
Agricultural Research Institute Of Ontario
1. DENISE HOCKADAY Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2024 BRESLAU
Agriculture, Food And Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal
1. JOHN JOHNSTON Vice-Chair (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2023 GUELPH
2. DON MCNALTY Vice-Chair (Part-Time) 07-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2023 SINGHAMPTON
Board Of Management - District Of Kenora
1. RENEÉ GOULD Member (Part-Time) 15-Jul-2021 - 14-Jul-2022 DRYDEN
2. JUDY CARLSON Member (Part-Time) 15-Jul-2021 - 14-Jul-2022 KENORA
Consent And Capacity Board
1. KUMAR NAIDU Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2023 TORONTO
2. RACHEL ERSTLING Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2023 HAMILTON
3. CHRISTENA MCDONALD Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2023 ILDERTON
4. ERICA WEINBERG Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2023 TORONTO
5. SUZANNE LEGAULT Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2023 MISSISSAUGA
Council Of The College Of Naturopaths Of Ontario
1. PAUL PHILION Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2024 SUDBURY
Council Of The College Of Psychologists Of Ontario
1. ILIA MAOR Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2024 BARRIE
Labour-Management Advisory Committee
1. JOHN IVES Member (Part-Time) 27-Jul-2021 - 26-Jul-2024 TORONTO
Landlord And Tenant Board (Tribunals Ontario)
1. MANJOT GREWAL Member (Part-Time) 07-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2023 TORONTO
2. VLADISLAV SHUSTOV Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2023 RICHMOND HILL
3. EMILE RAMLOCHAN Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2023 TORONTO
4. ALICIA JOHNSON Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2023 MONO
Legal Aid Ontario
1. JAMES STEPHEN PENGELLY Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2023 BATH
McMaster University Board Of Governors
1. SILVIA GIMPELJ-STANKOVIC Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2025 STONEY CREEK
Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
1. KEN SEILING Member (Part-Time) 13-Jul-2021 - 10-Jun-2024 ELMIRA
Ontario French-Language Educational Communications Authority (TFO)
1. DOMINIQUE OROURKE Vice-Chair (Part-Time) 15-Jul-2021 - 14-Jul-2023 GUELPH
Ontario Honours Advisory Council
1. NAVJOT NANDA Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2024 OAKVILLE
Ontario Media Development Corporation (Ontario Creates)
1. PETER-JULIAN LEE Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2024 KINGSTON
Owen Sound Transportation Company Limited
1. BENSON LAU Member (Part-Time) 16-Jul-2021 - 03-Mar-2024 TORONTO
2. JAMES HEPPLE Member (Part-Time) 16-Jul-2021 - 09-Apr-2024 MEAFORD
Police Services Board - East Zorra-Tavistock (Township Of)
1. LIAM MCCREERY Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2024 WOODSTOCK
Police Services Board - Kincardine (Municipality Of)
1. STELLINA WILLIAMS Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2024 KINCARDINE
Police Services Board - Prescott (Town Of)
1. JEFFREY LAUSHWAY Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2024 PRESCOTT
Police Services Board - York (Regional Municipality Of)
1. STEVE RANOT Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2024 VAUGHAN
Public Service Commission
1. DEBORAH RICHARDSON Chair (Part-Time) 12-Jul-2021 - 11-Jul-2024 TORONTO
2. DAVID CORBETT Member (Part-Time) 12-Jul-2021 - 11-Jul-2023 ETOBICOKE
3. MARTHA GREENBERG Member (Part-Time) 12-Jul-2021 - 11-Jul-2023 TORONTO
4. MONIQUE ROLF VON DEN BAUMEN-CLARK Member (Part-Time) 12-Jul-2021 - 11-Jul-2023 TORONTO
Social Benefits Tribunal (Tribunals Ontario)
1. TONY FRANCIS Member (Part-Time) 08-Jul-2021 - 07-Jul-2023 WINDSOR