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New appointments

Here are the government appointments that have been made to provincial agencies and other entities in the past 30 days.

No. Member Position Term Location
Assessment Review Board (Tribunals Ontario)
1. (TIMOTHY) OHALLORAN Member (Part-Time) 29-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-2023 MISSISSAUGA
2. BERNARD TROTTIER Member (Part-Time) 29-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-2023 ETOBICOKE
3. LEO DEMARCE Member (Part-Time) 29-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-2023 TECUMSEH
Consent And Capacity Board
1. JAMES SWEETLOVE Member (Part-Time) 29-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-2023 BURLINGTON
Council Of The College Of Chiropodists Of Ontario
1. ANDREW SIMMONS Member (Part-Time) 23-Sep-2021 - 31-Dec-2021 BURLINGTON
French Language Health Services Advisory Council
1. MICHEL GRIGNON Member (Part-Time) 07-Oct-2021 - 06-Oct-2024 TORONTO
2. ELIZABETH ALLARD Member (Part-Time) 07-Oct-2021 - 06-Oct-2024 ORLÉANS
Grant Review Team - Halton-Peel - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. XINYI ZHANG Member (Part-Time) 29-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-2024 BURLINGTON
Grant Review Team - Niagara - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. WILLIAM THOMPSON Member (Part-Time) 29-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-2024 GRIMSBY
Grant Review Team - Northwestern - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. SHARON JASPERS Member (Part-Time) 29-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-2024 ROSSLYN
2. IAN SUTHERLAND Member (Part-Time) 29-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-2024 THUNDER BAY
3. GORDON SWEENEY Member (Part-Time) 29-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-2024 KEEWATIN
Grant Review Team - Simcoe-York - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. NALIN DE SILVA Chair (Part-Time) 29-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-2022 STOUFFVILLE
Grant Review Team - Thames Valley - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. CELA AMELIA SLOAN Chair (Part-Time) 29-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-2022 ST. THOMAS
Grant Review Team - Waterloo, Wellington, Dufferin - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. JERRY ZHANG Member (Part-Time) 29-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-2024 WATERLOO
Landlord And Tenant Board (Tribunals Ontario)
1. PERCY LARYEA Member (Full-Time) 29-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-2023 BRAMPTON
Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation
1. KELLY ELWOOD Member (Part-Time) 29-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-2024 ETOBICOKE
Ontario Library Service
1. HAYLEY CHAZAN Member (Part-Time) 04-Oct-2021 - 03-Oct-2024 TORONTO
Technical Standards And Safety Authority
1. ANDREW BEDEAU Member (Part-Time) 05-Oct-2021 - 31-Oct-2023 MISSISSAUGA
2. TRACEE SMITH Member (Part-Time) 05-Oct-2021 - 31-Oct-2023 QUEENSTON