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New appointments

Here are the government appointments that have been made to provincial agencies and other entities in the past 30 days.

No. Member Position Term Location
COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Secretariat
1. MARIO DITOMMASO Chair (Part-Time) 01-Apr-2021 - 31-Aug-2021
COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Task Force
1. HOMER TIEN Chair (Part-Time) 01-Apr-2021 - 31-Aug-2021 MISSISSAUGA
Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (Tribunals Ontario)
1. IVANA VACCARO Member (Part-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 31-Dec-2021 TORONTO
2. HEATHER KENNY Member (Part-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 31-Dec-2021 BOWMANVILLE
3. WILLIAM (BILL) GREENBERG Member (Part-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 31-Dec-2021 SMITHS FALLS
4. TRACY FOSTER Member (Part-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 31-Dec-2021 LYNDEN
George Brown College Of Applied Arts And Technology - Board Of Governors
1. ROGER GROCHMAL Member (Part-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 31-Aug-2023 BURLINGTON
Grant Review Team - Essex, Kent And Lambton - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. TONY FRANCIS Member (Part-Time) 23-Mar-2021 - 22-Mar-2024 WINDSOR
2. SCOTT DUQUETTE Member (Part-Time) 23-Mar-2021 - 22-Mar-2024 WINDSOR
Grant Review Team - Grey, Bruce, Huron, Perth - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. MATTHEW RAE Member (Part-Time) 23-Mar-2021 - 22-Mar-2024 MITCHELL
Grant Review Team - Quinte, Kingston, Rideau - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. TAMARA BALDWIN Member (Part-Time) 23-Mar-2021 - 22-Mar-2024 BROCKVILLE
Grant Review Team - Waterloo, Wellington, Dufferin - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. EUGENIO DIMIRA Member (Part-Time) 23-Mar-2021 - 22-Mar-2024 WATERLOO
Human Rights Legal Support Centre
1. GARY PIETERS Member (Part-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2023 TORONTO
Human Rights Tribunal Of Ontario (Tribunals Ontario)
1. ROSLYN MOUNSEY Member (Full-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2023 AJAX
2. CAROLINE SAND Member (Full-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2023 TORONTO
3. CYNDEE TODGHAM CHERNIAK Member (Full-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2023 TORONTO
4. KAREN MASON Member (Full-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2023 HAMILTON
Landlord And Tenant Board (Tribunals Ontario)
1. ROD JACKSON Member (Part-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2023 BARRIE
Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (Ontario Land Tribunals)
1. KURTIS ANDREWS Member (Full-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2023 METCALFE
Ontario Advisory Committee On Hiv/Aids (Oacha)
1. GARETH HENRY Member (Part-Time) 07-Apr-2021 - 06-Apr-2024 TORONTO
2. GILLIAN LUNNY Member (Part-Time) 07-Apr-2021 - 06-Apr-2024 KENORA
3. TARA JEWAL Member (Part-Time) 07-Apr-2021 - 06-Apr-2024 TORONTO
Ontario French-Language Educational Communications Authority
1. JEAN LEPINE Chair (Part-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2025 TORONTO
Ontario Hepatitis C Assistance Plan Review Committee
1. ANNA-MARIE CASTRODALE Member (Part-Time) 29-Mar-2021 - 27-Nov-2021 TORONTO
2. BONITA THORNTON Member (Part-Time) 29-Mar-2021 - 27-May-2022 SCARBOROUGH
Ontario Human Rights Commission
1. GARY PIETERS Member (Part-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2023 TORONTO
Ontario Internal Audit Committee - Community Services Sector Audit Committee
1. KENNETH JOSEPH ("JOE") PARKER Chair (Part-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2024 NOBLETON
Ontario Internal Audit Committee - Education Sector Audit Committee
1. ROBERT LAMOUREUX Chair (Part-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2024 TORONTO
2. MARC TASSE Member (Part-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2024 ROCKLAND
Ontario Parole Board (Tribunals Ontario)
1. SAMUEL BILLICH Member (Part-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2023 TORONTO
Ontario Research Fund Advisory Board
1. JOHN CAPONE Member (Part-Time) 06-Apr-2021 - 05-Apr-2022 HAMILTON
Police Services Board - Toronto (City Of)
1. ANN MORGAN Member (Part-Time) 27-Mar-2021 - 26-Mar-2024 TORONTO
Prevention Council
1. STEPHEN CHAPLIN Member (Part-Time) 30-Mar-2021 - 29-Mar-2024 MISSISSAUGA
2. BILL MADER Member (Part-Time) 30-Mar-2021 - 29-Mar-2024 MY BRYDGES
Resource Productivity And Recovery Authority
1. JEFFREY STEINER Member (Part-Time) 31-Mar-2021 - 30-Mar-2024 TORONTO
Social Benefits Tribunal (Tribunals Ontario)
1. RICHARD WOODFIELD Member (Full-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2023 CAMBRIDGE
2. ARTHUR LUST Member (Part-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2023 OTTAWA
University Of Ottawa Board Of Governors
1. PHILIP MURPHY Member (Part-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2024 OTTAWA
Wilfrid Laurier University Board Of Governors
1. DOUG TRELEAVEN Member (Part-Time) 25-Mar-2021 - 24-Mar-2024 ST. JACOBS