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New appointments

Here are the government appointments that have been made to provincial agencies and other entities in the past 30 days.

No. Member Position Term Location
Animal Care Review Board (Tribunals Ontario)
1. ZIBA HEYDARIAN Vice-Chair (Part-Time) 02-Mar-2023 - 01-Mar-2025 OTTAWA
2. EMMA RHODES Vice-Chair (Part-Time) 02-Mar-2023 - 01-Mar-2025 TORONTO
Council of the College of Opticians of Ontario
1. ALICIA MUNIAN Member (Part-Time) 09-Mar-2023 - 08-Mar-2026 OAKVILLE
Financial Services Tribunal
1. ALLAN SHAPIRA Member (Part-Time) 02-Mar-2023 - 01-Mar-2025 TORONTO
Fire Safety Commission (Tribunals Ontario)
1. ZIBA HEYDARIAN Vice-Chair (Part-Time) 02-Mar-2023 - 01-Mar-2025 OTTAWA
Grant Review Team - Champlain - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. GARY THOMAS Chair (Part-Time) 09-Mar-2023 - 09-Nov-2023 NEPEAN
Grant Review Team - Essex, Kent and Lambton - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. SHAUN DASS Member (Part-Time) 09-Mar-2023 - 08-Mar-2026 LASALLE
Grant Review Team - Toronto - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. DANIELLE BURTON Member (Part-Time) 09-Mar-2023 - 08-Mar-2026 TORONTO
2. JUDE ALOYSIUS Member (Part-Time) 09-Mar-2023 - 08-Mar-2026 TORONTO
Greenbelt Foundation
1. CHARLES STEVENS Member (Part-Time) 10-Mar-2023 - 09-Mar-2026 NEWCASTLE
Health Unit Board - Simcoe Muskoka District
1. ANITA DUBEAU Member (Part-Time) 09-Mar-2023 - 08-Mar-2026 PENETANGUISHENE
Housing Supply Action Plan Implementation Team
1. ADAM BROWN Member (Part-Time) 01-Mar-2023 - 10-Aug-2025 TORONTO
2. SIMONE SWAIL Member (Part-Time) 01-Mar-2023 - 10-Aug-2025 TORONTO
3. MARLENE COFFEY Member (Part-Time) 02-Mar-2023 - 10-Aug-2025 WATERLOO
4. PAULA TENUTA Member (Part-Time) 01-Mar-2023 - 10-Aug-2025 TORONTO
5. JIM HARNUM Member (Part-Time) 01-Mar-2023 - 10-Aug-2025 BRAMPTON
6. TONY IRWIN Member (Part-Time) 01-Mar-2023 - 10-Aug-2025 OAKVILLE
7. RICHARD LYALL Member (Part-Time) 01-Mar-2023 - 10-Aug-2025 AURORA
Indigenous Justice Group
1. SYLVIA MARACLE Co-Chair (Part-Time) 29-Mar-2023 - 28-Mar-2026 TORONTO
Landlord and Tenant Board (Tribunals Ontario)
1. AJITINDER (AJAY) GREWAL Member (Part-Time) 09-Mar-2023 - 08-Mar-2024 BRAMPTON
Licence Appeal Tribunal (Tribunals Ontario)
1. RACHEL LEVITSKY Member (Full-Time) 02-Mar-2023 - 01-Mar-2025 TORONTO
2. TRINA MORISSETTE Member (Full-Time) 02-Mar-2023 - 01-Mar-2025 OTTAWA
Livestock Financial Protection Board
1. AMANDA HAMMELL Member (Part-Time) 09-Mar-2023 - 08-Mar-2026 DOBBINTON
Police Services Board - Fort Frances (Town of)
1. GARY ROGOZINSKI Member (Part-Time) 02-Mar-2023 - 01-Mar-2024 FORT FRANCES
Police Services Board - Grey Highlands
1. LYNN SILVERTON Member (Part-Time) 02-Mar-2023 - 01-Mar-2024 FLESHERTON
Police Services Board - Halton (Regional Municipality of)
1. JANE MCKENNA Member (Part-Time) 08-Mar-2023 - 07-Jan-2026 BURLINGTON
Police Services Board - Temagami (Municipality of)
1. PENNY ST GERMAIN Member (Part-Time) 02-Mar-2023 - 01-Mar-2024 TEMAGAMI