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New appointments

Here are the government appointments that have been made to provincial agencies and other entities in the past 30 days.

No. Member Position Term Location
Advisory Council To The Order Of Ontario
1. PAUL GODFREY Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 06-May-2022 TORONTO
Building Code Commission
1. CHRISTINA KALT Member (Part-Time) 29-Apr-2020 - 28-Apr-2021 TORONTO
2. LISA MILLER-WAY Member (Part-Time) 29-Apr-2020 - 28-Apr-2021 TORONTO
3. LESZEK MUNIAK Member (Part-Time) 29-Apr-2020 - 28-Apr-2021 TORONTO
4. ANDREW STEEN Member (Part-Time) 29-Apr-2020 - 28-Apr-2021 TORONTO
Centennial College Of Applied Arts And Technology - Board Of Governors
1. MICHAEL COOKSEY Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 31-Aug-2022 PICKERING
Collège Boréal D’Arts Appliqués Et De Technologie - Board Of Governors
1. CHRISTIAN BRUNEAU Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 31-Aug-2022 AZILDA
2. BRYAN NEELEY Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 31-Aug-2022 TIMMINS
Community Advisory Board – South West Detention Centre
1. MARGARET LIDDLE Member (Part-Time) 12-May-2020 - 11-May-2022 WINDSOR
2. GINA GRASTON Member (Part-Time) 12-May-2020 - 11-May-2022 WINDSOR
Consent And Capacity Board
1. MARY SMITH Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 06-May-2022 TINY
Council Of The College Of Chiropractors Of Ontario
1. ROBYN GRAVELLE Member (Part-Time) 16-May-2020 - 15-May-2023 BURLINGTON
Council Of The College Of Early Childhood Educators
1. ANN ROBICHAUD-GAGNE Member (Part-Time) 04-May-2020 - 03-May-2021 OTTAWA
2. GARRY BATES Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 06-May-2022 DRYDEN
3. GENEVIÈVE BRETON Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 06-May-2022 KANATA
Council Of The College Of Medical Laboratory Technologists Of Ontario
1. ARIEL WONG Member (Part-Time) 02-May-2020 - 01-May-2023 TORONTO
Council Of The College Of Physicians And Surgeons Of Ontario
1. SHAHID CHAUDHRY Member (Part-Time) 02-May-2020 - 01-May-2023 WHITBY
Council Of The Ontario College Of Teachers
1. ELAINE LEGAULT Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 06-May-2022 BOWMANVILLE
Financial Services Tribunal
1. CYNDEE TODGHAM CHERNIAK Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 06-May-2022 TORONTO
French Language Health Services Advisory Council
1. JULIE LANTAIGNE Member (Part-Time) 06-May-2020 - 05-May-2022 HAMILTON
Grant Review Team - Champlain - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. JORDON WHEELER Member (Part-Time) 04-May-2020 - 03-May-2023 CORNWALL
Grant Review Team - Grand River - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. CRAIG HUNTER Member (Part-Time) 04-May-2020 - 03-May-2023 SIMCOE
Grant Review Team - Muskoka, Nipissing, Parry Sound And Timiskaming - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. BILL SPINNEY Member (Part-Time) 04-May-2020 - 03-May-2023 NOBEL
2. SANDRA HOLDSWORTH Member (Part-Time) 04-May-2020 - 03-May-2023 GRAVENHURST
3. CHARLES COOPER Member (Part-Time) 04-May-2020 - 03-May-2023 HUNTSVILLE
4. PATRICIA ARNEY Member (Part-Time) 04-May-2020 - 03-May-2023 BALA
Grant Review Team - Thames Valley - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. CELA AMELIA SLOAN Member (Part-Time) 04-May-2020 - 03-May-2023 ST. THOMAS
Grant Review Team - Waterloo, Wellington, Dufferin - Ontario Trillium Foundation
1. ANDREW WILDING Member (Part-Time) 04-May-2020 - 03-May-2023 WATERLOO
Humber College Institute Of Technology And Advanced Learning - Board Of Governors
1. ROBERT HULL Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 31-Aug-2021 TORONTO
Lake Simcoe Coordinating Committee
1. ROB HARE Member (Part-Time) 30-Apr-2020 - 29-Apr-2022 KESWICK
Lakehead University Board Of Governors
1. KATHRYN RIPPEY Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 06-May-2023 ORILLIA
Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (Tribunals Ontario)
1. SHU-TAI CHENG Member (Full-Time) 07-May-2020 - 06-May-2022 OTTAWA
Mohawk College Of Applied Arts And Technology - Board Of Governors
1. LISA KNAP Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 31-Aug-2022 OAKVILLE
Ontario Educational Communications Authority (Tvo)
1. KADIE WARD Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 06-May-2022 TORONTO
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (Oecta) Employee Life And Health Trust
1. LARRY SWARTZ Member (Part-Time) 29-Apr-2020 - 28-Mar-2022 TORONTO
Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission
1. AMY CRONIN Chair (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 06-May-2022 BLUEVALE
2. ROBERT ANDERSON Member (Part-Time) 13-May-2020 - 12-May-2022 STRATHROY
3. DAN COHOE Member (Part-Time) 27-May-2020 - 26-May-2022 BURGESSVILLE
Ontario Infrastructure And Lands Corporation (Infrastructure Ontario)
1. EHREN CORY Member (Part-Time) 01-May-2020 - 31-Oct-2020 TORONTO
2. EHREN CORY Chief Executive Officer 01-May-2020 - 31-Oct-2020 TORONTO
Ontario Internal Audit Committee - Community Services Sector Audit Committee
1. ANI HOTOYAN-JOLY Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 06-May-2023 MARKHAM
Ontario Labour Relations Board
1. YVON SEVENY Vice-Chair (Full-Time) 27-May-2020 - 26-May-2025 TORONTO
2. WILLIAM NICHOLLS Member (Part-Time) 06-May-2020 - 05-May-2025 COBOURG
Ottawa Convention Centre Corporation
1. JAGDEEP PERHAR Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 06-May-2023 OTTAWA
Police Services Board - Barrie (City Of)
1. ARIF KHAN Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 06-May-2023 BARRIE
Police Services Board - Macdonald, Meredith And Aberdeen Additional (Township Of)
1. WILLIAM SHELLHORNE Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 06-May-2023 ECHO BAY
Police Services Board - Port Hope (Municipality Of)
1. JEFFREY GILMER Member (Part-Time) 10-May-2020 - 09-May-2023 PORT HOPE
Provincial Schools Authority
1. MED AHMADOUN Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 06-May-2022 TORONTO
Travel Industry Council Of Ontario
1. JEAN HÉBERT Member (Part-Time) 11-May-2020 - 10-Nov-2020 ORLÉANS
University Of Toronto Governing Council
1. SAMEER LAL Member (Part-Time) 07-May-2020 - 06-May-2023 AJAX
Walkerton Clean Water Centre
1. ANDREW HENRY Member (Part-Time) 06-May-2020 - 05-May-2023 AILSA CRAIG