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University of Western Ontario Board of Governors

Colleges and Universities
University of Western Ontario 1151 Richmond Street, Suite 2
(519) 661-2111
(519) 661-3388
University of Western Ontario Act, 1982, C. 92, S. 9 (PRIVATE ACT)

On the recommendation of the senate of the university, the board may establish or terminate academic units, departments, chairs and programs of instruction in the university or elsewhere, enter into agreements to establish chairs, scholarships, fellowships, prizes, bursaries and other awards, and affiliate the university with any Ontario college that offers courses leading to a degree in any branch of learning. It may enter into any agreement that it considers necessary to achieve affiliation. The board also oversees the operation and maintenance of the university's residences. In order to preserve the undenominational nature of the university, no more than two colleges of the same denomination shall be affiliated with the university at any one time, and no college affiliated with the university shall be affiliated with or have affiliated with it any other college, school or institution of higher learning without specific permission in writing from the board.


The president of the university, the mayor of the City of London or an alternate, the warden of the County of Middlesex or an alternate, the chancellor of the university and the secretary of the board who is a non-voting member, are ex officio members. The council of the City of London appoints two members, the Lieutenant Governor in Council appoints four members and the alumni association appoints or elects four members. In addition, two members are elected by the senate from among its faculty members and two members are elected by the faculty from among their members who are assistant professors or higher and who have held academic appointments at the university for at least four years. There are three student members of whom two are undergraduates elected by the undergraduate students and one is a graduate elected by the graduate students. There are also two members of the full-time administrative staff and four members elected by the board. The board appoints no more than three vice-presidents. Persons appointed by the council of the City of London, the Lieutenant Governor in Council, elected by the alumni association and elected by the board may not be a member of the academic staff or administrative staff, or a student of the University or an affiliated college, or who is a member of the governing body, faculty, staff or student body of any other degree-granting institution.


Members serve for a term of four years, are eligible for reappointment and hold office until a successor is appointed. No member shall hold office for more than two consecutive terms, excluding service for the balance of an unexpired term. Members are again eligible for appointment one year after the expiry date of their second consecutive term.

The Board meets five times per year (September, November, January, May, June), usually on a Thursday afternoon.

Appointees do not receive remuneration.

Appointments & Vacancies

No. Position Member Term Location
1. Member (Part-Time) MICHAEL SURKONT
24-Sep-2020 - 23-Sep-2024
2. Member (Part-Time) SUSAN BENNETT
26-Oct-2020 - 25-Oct-2024
3. Member (Part-Time) GEOFF POLLOCK
07-Jan-2021 - 06-Jan-2025
4. Member (Part-Time)