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iGaming Ontario

Attorney General
90 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 310
Toronto, Ontario
Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Act, 2019; O. Reg. 722/21 (opens a new window)

iGaming Ontario is an agency of the Government of Ontario and set out in legislation as a subsidiary of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario that conducts and manages internet gaming in the province when provided through private gaming operators. Governed by a Board of Directors, iGaming Ontario will enter into operating agreements with operators who meet rigorous standards of game and operator integrity, fairness, player protections and social responsibility, allowing all players to play with confidence. A share of revenues generated by these commercial relationships will be returned to the Government of Ontario to support provincial priorities.


The Minister appoints a maximum of seven members to the Board of Directors of iGaming Ontario on the recommendation of the Board of Directors of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). The Minister shall designate one member as chair of the board and one member as vice-chair, and shall ensure that the majority of the board is not composed of directors, officers or employees of the AGCO.

iGaming Ontario Interim Board
Legislation provides that the Board of Directors of the AGCO shall appoint a maximum of three individuals, approved by the Minister, as members of the interim Board of Directors of iGaming Ontario for a term not exceeding two years.  The interim Board of Directors was appointed on July 6, 2021.


There is no limitation in legislation.

The board meets regularly. A majority of the members constitutes a quorum for meetings of the board and may exercise the powers of the board. The chair presides over the meetings of the board. If the chair is absent or otherwise unavailable to act or if the office of chair is vacant, a vice-chair acts as and has all the powers of the chair. If the chair and vice-chair are absent, the members present shall appoint an acting chair from among themselves.

Appointees of the Board of Directors shall be paid the remuneration fixed by resolution of the Board of Directors of the AGCO subject to the approval of the Minister.  The rate of remuneration is on a per diem basis of $200 per day for board members, $250 per day for the vice-chair and $350 for the chair. 

Appointees shall be reimbursed for reasonable work-related expenses while engaged in the business of the iGaming Ontario in accordance with the Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directive and any other Treasury Board and Management Board of Cabinet directives.

Appointments & Vacancies

No. Position Member Term Location
1. Chair (Part-Time) DAVE FORESTELL
04-Apr-2022 - 03-Apr-2025
2. Vice-Chair (Part-Time) NEVEEN TAKLA
04-Apr-2022 - 03-Apr-2023
3. Member (Part-Time) ALAN GERTNER
04-Apr-2022 - 03-Oct-2023
4. Member (Part-Time) MIKE BUNN
13-Jan-2022 - 12-Jan-2024
5. Member (Part-Time) GIOVANNI (JOHN) TRIVIERI
04-Apr-2022 - 03-Apr-2024
st. catharines
6. Member (Part-Time) KARIN SCHNARR
04-Apr-2022 - 03-Apr-2025