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Appointee Biographies

Provincial Advisory Committee on Francophone Affairs


Guy Matte of Ottawa is the Chair of the Provincial Advisory Committee on Francophone Affairs and the Executive Director of the Canadian Foundation for Cross-Cultural Dialogue. He has spent his entire career working in the education sector, most notably within the Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens. He is actively involved in Ontario’s and Canada's Francophone Community.


Gilles Fontaine is a native of the Niagara region. During his career he has worked closely with many organizations with boards of directors, either as a funder, as a general manager or as a consultant. He knows the details of running a community organization well and is over thirty years old experience in the sectors of health, social services, organizational development, community, economic, both at the provincial government level and in non-profit organizations lucrative. He has carried out numerous strategic planning exercises with key people in the sectors aimed. On behalf of the government, he developed numerous proposals, negotiated service agreements with community organizations, municipal and provincial governments, colleges, universities, and Councils of First Nations. As the French language services coordinator for the Ministry of Social and Community Services, he advised the minister on a number of issues and policy making. In addition, he attended the creation and the amalgamation of the first Hamilton-Niagara Community Health Center, and, to facilitate its creation, it was its first director for two years, on loan from the Government of Ontario. He recently accepted the post of Director General of the Federation of French-speaking alnes and Ontario


Aissa Nauthoo has served as Director of Centre francophone de Toronto's Legal Aid Services since 2004, where she practices immigration and clinic law. A member of the 2010 Common Law Honour Society of the University of Ottawa, Ms. Nauthoo is strongly dedicated to defending the linguistic rights of Francophones in the justice system. Ms. Nauthoo is one of the founding members of the first Francophone women’s shelter in Toronto and has previously been a member of the City of Toronto’s French Language Committee. She currently sits on Ontario’s Provincial Advisory Committee on Francophone Affairs. Ms. Nauthoo holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Ottawa.


Carol Nkoa has been working with Groupé Media TFO since June 2010. She is currently responsible for corporate communications and public relations within the organization. As a staff member of TFO, she develops partnerships and the visibility of Groupé Media TFO within the francophone community in Ontario and across Canada. She was previously responsible for communications at the Oasis Center des femmes. She has been working in the communications sector for 15 years. Ms. Nkoa holds a Bachelors degree and Master's degree in Public Communications and Public Relations from Université Laval.


Nicolas M. Rouleau is an appellate and constitutional lawyer. He frequently argues cases before the Supreme Court of Canada, the Court of Appeal for Ontario, and in other provinces. Prior to starting his own practice, Nicolas clerked for the Honourable Justice Marie Deschamps at the Supreme Court of Canada. He has received numerous academic scholarships, published on constitutional law and legal philosophy, presented at several conferences, and hosted Toronto's popular interdisciplinary Treehouse Talks. Nicolas has also lived in India and West Africa where he worked on international development and taught law. Mr. Rouleau holds a Masters of the Science of Law (JSM) from Stanford University and an L.L.B magna cum laude from the French Common Law Program at the University of Ottawa.


Valérie Raymond is a Sessional Professor in the Department of French Studies at Laurentian University. Since 2013, she has been teaching French Grammar, Linguistics and French as a Second Language. Mrs. Raymond holds a PhD in Human Studies from Laurentian University (2019) and a Master's degree in Linguistics from Laval University (2011). She currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of AFCAS-Sudbury, as a member of the Executive Board of the Institut franco-ontarien.


With a bachelor's degree in communication and information and a master's degree in political science, Élodie Grunerud has over 15 years of experience in Canada, and internationally (France, Morocco, Chile) in management, in community economic development. , in teaching, research and communication. She is also the holder of the Accreditation of Association Executives Emeritus and a member in good standing of the Professional Human Resources Association (HRPA). Elodie benefits from a very good Canadian professional network having also worked in Quebec and the Northwest Territories before taking the direction of AFNOO in September 2011. French, to strengthen the organizational capacities of member groups and contribute to economic development community in Northwestern Ontario.


Nicole Blanchette is the Executive Director of la ribambelle, a francophone non-profit organization, which operates nine daycares, two Onyva centers as well as early childhood community activities in the London and Sarnia regions. Ms. Blanchette has sat on a variety of tables and committees representing the field of early childhood and / or French language services at several levels of government for over 12 years. She is passionate about the French language and culture and cares about the importance of early childhood services. She also worked for Radio-Canada in Montreal as well as in Toronto for over 15 years as a national advertising consultant.


Better known as YAO artist, Yaovi Hoyi is a very active artist-entrepreneur on the Canadian and international music scene. Oscillating between Slam, Soul & Funk, his musical style accentuated by his deep voice, baritone, and his textual richness, allowed him to distinguish himself on the French-Canadian music scene. With his album "Perles et Paraboles", the fruits of which were 7 nominations at the 2015 Trille Or Awards Gala (by the APCM - Association of Song and Music Professionals), Yao received in October 2015, the prize Édith-Butler of the SPACQ Foundation (Professional Society of Authors and Composers of Quebec.) His latest musical project "Lapsus", entered at the 24th position of the Top 200 of French-speaking novelties on iTunes Canada, in the category "French Pop", him won 2 nominations at the 2017 Trille Or Awards Gala ("Best author, composer or songwriter" and "Export Ontario (the Ontario artist who has distinguished himself the most outside the province.)" In 2019, with 7 nominations at the Trille Or Awards Gala, he won the top 3 of the most coveted awards as “Artist of the year”, “Show of the year”, as well as the “Media favorite”. His music has also led him to present many shows nationwide (dan s 10 of 13 Canadian provinces and territories), as well as internationally (France, Madagascar, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Cape Verde.) Passionate about art as a tool for social change, his involvement goes far beyond the stage. Director of the company Intello-Productions Inc., he was notably awarded in November 2017, the Commemorative Medal of the Senate, during the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada - a distinction aimed at highlighting his achievements, as well as his involvement in the community, through its art and its work to promote cultural diversity, across the country; And through his work as an artist in education, was awarded the Ontario Arts Foundation's Artist-Educator Award in 2018. Founded in 2010, Intello-Productions Inc. is a Record Label & Consulting Firm, providing album production, artist management and show production services. As well as cultural facilitation services (master of ceremonies, masterclass / workshops, and conferences), cultural mediation, and communications and event logistics consultants.