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Niagara Children's Centre School Authority

567 Glenridge Ave
St Catharines
(905) 688-3550

As a centre of excellence, the Niagara Children’s Centre School provides individualized education and therapeutic programming in small group settings to children and youth 4-21 years of age with multi- learning and physical exceptionalities. 
Specialist teachers, therapists and other professionals utilize a family centred care approach to building student success in literacy, numeracy development, and alternative communication as well as classroom technology for learning.
Adapted movement, aquatics, art and music are used to assist students in developing the self-esteem necessary to successfully engage in lifelong learning.


The board shall be composed of a maximum of seven (7) members, appointed by the Minister for terms to coincide with those of elected members of district school boards.


Candidates will have knowledge of special education and a wide range of background experiences in order to maintain a balanced membership. Members will be selected with multiple criteria in mind:
• Knowledge of, and experience with, special education; 
• Professional expertise, for example in business, healthcare and finance;
• Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; 
• Interpersonal skills to work effectively in a team;
• Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills;
• Other skills, as relevant to the needs of the position (i.e. treasurer); and 
• Commitment to Board’s goals and services


The term of office for hospital-based school authority members is the same as that for all publicly elected school board trustees (i.e. four years beginning on November 15th) Any vacancies that occur during the four-year period may be filled by the Minister through a new appointment for the remainder of the term.

Trustees meet at the call of the Chair and at least four times a year

Appointees are eligible to receive expenses.

Appointments & Vacancies

No. Position Member Term Location
1. Member (Part-Time) BRETT SWEENEY
06-Jun-2023 - 14-Nov-2026
st. catharines
2. Member (Part-Time) JOHN DICKSON
06-Jun-2023 - 14-Nov-2026
3. Member (Part-Time) LISA CEFARATTI
06-Jun-2023 - 14-Nov-2026
4. Member (Part-Time) MICHELLE DUNCANSON
13-Oct-2023 - 14-Nov-2026
st. catharines
5. Member (Part-Time)
6. Member (Part-Time)
7. Member (Part-Time)