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Ontario's Representative in Washington D.C.

Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade
Order in Council 1114/2018 (opens a new window)
Order in Council 1375/2019 (opens a new window)

Ontario’s Representative in Washington, D.C., shall, subject to any limitations set out in or established under any agreement entered into between Ontario and Canada in respect of diplomatic and consular relations in the United States of America, perform such duties and carry out such activities as are determined by the Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade who may vary or amend those duties and activities from time to time, such duties to include:  
•Fostering a strategic approach to Ontario’s interests and activities in the United States of America.
•Representing the interests of the Province of Ontario in Washington, D.C., including advocating for Ontario’s interests with senior United States of America government officials and decision-makers.
•Gathering intelligence on matters that have a potential to impact Ontario.
•Identifying and facilitating high-level advocacy opportunities for Ontario Ministries and the Premier.
•Advising the Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade on the delivery of the government’s strategic priorities, including Ontario’s relationship with the United States of America. 


3 years


Ontario’s Representative in Washington, D.C. shall be remunerated $350,000 per annum.

Appointments & Vacancies

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