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Port Authority Board of Directors - Hamilton-Oshawa

605 James Street
North Hamilton ON
(905) 525-4330
Canada Marine Act, S.C. 1998, c. 10, s. 8 (opens a new window)

The board will govern the management and operation of the Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority, pursuant to the Canada Marine Act.


The board is composed of seven members appointed as follows: one individual is nominated by the federal Minister of Transport and appointed by the Governor in Council; one individual is appointed by the municipalities mentioned in the letters patent; one individual is appointed by the province in which the port is situated; and the remaining four individuals are nominated by the Minister of Transport in consultation with users and appointed by the Governor in Council. The individual appointed by the Province of Ontario is appointed by Ministerial Appointment letter.



Directors are appointed to hold office for any term of not more than three years.  

A director shall serve no more than nine consecutive years on the board.

If a successor has not been appointed at the expiry of a director’s term, the director continues to hold office until their term is renewed or their successor is appointed.

The board meets as required.

Appointees are paid by the board.

Appointments & Vacancies

No. Position Member Term Location
1. Member (Part-Time)