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Legal Aid Ontario

Attorney General
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(416) 979-8669
Legal Aid Services Act, 1998, S.O. 1998, c. 26, Part II, ss. 3(1) (opens a new window)

The objects of the corporation are, to establish and administer a cost-effective and efficient system for providing high quality legal aid services to low-income individuals in Ontario; to establish policies and priorities for the provision of legal aid services based on its financial resources; to facilitate co-ordination among the different methods by which legal aid services are provided; to monitor and supervise legal aid services provided by clinics and other entities funded by the corporation; to co-ordinate services with other aspects of the justice system and with community services; and to advise the Attorney General on all aspects of legal aid services in Ontario, including any features of the justice system that affect or may affect the demand for or quality of legal aid services. The affairs of the corporation are governed and managed by its board of directors.


The members of the Corporation shall consist of the members of its board of directors. The Lieutenant Governor in Council appoints one person as chair, selected by the Attorney General from a list of persons recommended by a committee comprised of the Attorney General or a person designated by him or her, the Treasurer of the Law Society or a person designated by him or her and a third party agreed upon by the Attorney General and the Treasurer of the Law Society or persons designated by them; five persons selected by the Attorney General from a list of persons recommended by the Law Society; and five persons recommended by the Attorney General. The president of the corporation shall be a non-voting member of the board. If a position on the board becomes vacant, a person shall be appointed to fill the vacancy under the same provision that the person whose position is being filled was appointed and the person may be appointed for the remainder of the term of the member being replaced or for a full term, as considered appropriate by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.


A term of office is two or three years and members are eligible for reappointment. Upon the expiry of a member's term, the member may continue in office until his or her reappointment or his or her successor is appointed. The appointment of a member of the board shall not be terminated before the end of its term except for cause or under subsection 73(5).

The board of directors meets once every two months or at the call of the chair.

Appointees to Legal Aid Ontario are remunerated $375 per diem except for the Chair, who is remunerated at a rate set by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

Appointments & Vacancies

No. Position Member Term Location
1. Chair (Full-Time) CHARLES HARNICK
11-Apr-2019 - 10-Apr-2021
2. Member (Part-Time) MALCOLM HEINS
06-Jun-2019 - 05-Jun-2021
3. Member (Part-Time) DAVID WEXLER
20-Jun-2019 - 19-Jun-2021
4. Member (Part-Time) JENNIFER GOLD
10-Dec-2020 - 09-Dec-2022
5. Member (Part-Time) JUDY MINTZ
05-Mar-2020 - 04-Mar-2023
6. Member (Part-Time)
7. Member (Part-Time)
8. Member (Part-Time)
9. Member (Part-Time)
10. Member (Part-Time)
11. Member (Part-Time)