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Grievance Settlement Board

Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development
180 Dundas Street West, Suite 600
Crown Employees Collective Bargaining Act, S.O. 1993, C. 38, PART 5, S. 46 (opens a new window)

The Grievance Settlement Board (GSB) mediates/adjudicates rights disputes between the employee organization and the employer. Disputes involve matters such as dismissals, suspensions and other forms of discipline, as well as contractual interpretations. Grievances between the bargaining agents and employers require the GSB to interpret the provisions contained in collective agreements. The GSB, through a roster of mediator-arbitrators, provides mediation services to assist the parties in reaching a settlement without resorting to adjudication.


The GSB shall be composed of the Chair and an Alternate Chair. The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall appoint as the Chair and Alternate Chair the persons who are selected for the positions by agreement of the Crown and the trade unions representing Crown employees or, failing such agreement, the Lieutenant Governor in Council shall select the persons to be appointed. The Chair of the GSB shall establish and maintain a roster of mediator-arbitrators who may be selected for the purpose of determining matters before the Board.

  • Ability to set strategic direction, articulate and work towards a vision and oversee implementation of plans and strategies.
  • Understanding of administrative justice system, including relevant legal principles.
  • Knowledge of legislation under agency’s jurisdiction and related laws and legal processes or the ability to acquire such knowledge.
  • Understanding of agency rules of practice and supporting procedures.
  • Superior dispute resolution and analytical skills to resolve complex matters involving multiple interests, under public scrutiny and scrutiny of the parties.
  • Experience in interpreting and applying legislation with specific knowledge of the agency’s governing Act (Crown Employees Collective Bargaining Act) and related law.
  • Understanding of the professional, institutional, and community context within which the agency operates.
  • Advanced understanding of the justice system, administrative law, and the concepts of fairness/natural justice.
  • Demonstrated advanced ability to formulate reasoned decisions and communicate them orally and in writing in a timely manner.
  • Impartiality and sound judgement to fairly assess cases involving issues regarding conflicting verbal/written evidence and the assessment of credibility.
  • Self-confidence/self-control and sensitivity to diverse interests in order to maintain effective control in confrontational and stressful situations.

There is no limitation in legislation. If the Chair resigns or his or her appointment expires, the new Chair may authorize the former chair to complete his or her duties or responsibilities and exercise the powers of the Chair in connection with any matter before the Grievance Settlement Board in which the former chair was participating.

The GSB holds numerous hearings throughout the year, generally in Toronto, but also elsewhere throughout the province as required.

Appointees are remunerated according to Schedule B of the Agencies and Appointments Directive

Appointments & Vacancies

No. Position Member Term Location
1. Chair (Part-Time) MATTHEW WILSON
15-Mar-2023 - 14-Mar-2026
2. Alternate Chair (Part-Time) MARILYN NAIRN
07-Mar-2023 - 06-Mar-2028