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Council Of The College Of Nurses Of Ontario

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(416) 928-6507
NURSING ACT, S.O. 1991, C. 32, S. 6 (opens a new window)
REGULATED HEALTH PROFESSIONS ACT, S.O. 1991, C. 18, SCHED. 2 (opens a new window)

The college regulates the profession of Nursing in the public interest by ensuring that individuals have access to services provided by competent health professionals, and that individuals are treated with sensitivity and respect in their dealings with health professionals. Members of the college are governed in accordance with the Nursing Act, 1991, the Health Professions Procedural Code, the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 and the regulations and by-laws of the college. The college develops and maintains standards of practice, entry to practice requirements, standards of professional ethics, and promotes and develops standards for continuing competence among the members. Various committees of the College of Nurses function in a quasi-judicial role with respect to the suspension and revocations of certificates of registration to practice in Ontario.


Nurse (elected) members of the council are divided into two classes, registered nurses and registered practical nurses. Twenty-one members are elected in accordance with the by-laws, fourteen from among members who are registered nurses and seven from among members who are registered practical nurses, by the members of the college. At least fourteen and no more than eighteen members are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council who are not members of the college, members of a college as defined in the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 or members of a council as defined in the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991. The council elects annually a president and two vice-presidents. One vice-president shall be a registered nurse and the other a registered practical nurse.


There is no limitation in legislation.

• Council meets quarterly for 1-2 days. Most meetings are held remotely. • Public appointees serve on 2-3 statutory committees. Most meetings and hearings are held remotely. Time commitments vary: o Executive – ½ day every quarter, ½ day preparation o ICRC – 1 day a month, 2 - 3 days of preparation, 1 day for orientation o QA – ½ day every other month, ¼ - ½ day preparation, part day for orientation o Registration – 1 day every other month plus occasional shorter remote meetings, 1.5 – 2 days preparation for 1 day meeting, 1 day for orientation o Discipline and Fitness to Practise (all members serve on both committees) – 5 or more days over 2 months (depending on availability), some hearings are 4 days in a row, 1 – 2 days orientation, attendance at HPRO workshop for first-time committee members, some additional days for members who take on decision-writer role • Public appointees may also serve on 1 of 3 standing committees (Finance; Conduct; Nominating). o Finance – ½ day every quarter (same day as Exec) • Nominating – 2-3 ½ day meetings

Appointments & Vacancies

No. Position Member Term Location
1. Member (Part-Time) TIMOTHY CROWDER
15-Apr-2021 - 14-Apr-2022
2. Member (Part-Time) FIDELIA OSIME
13-May-2021 - 12-May-2022
richmond hill
3. Member (Part-Time) DIANE THOMPSON
29-Aug-2019 - 31-May-2022
moose creek
4. Member (Part-Time) MARIA SHECULSKI
01-Jun-2019 - 31-May-2022
5. Member (Part-Time) SYLVIA DOUGLAS
06-Jun-2019 - 05-Jun-2022
north york
6. Member (Part-Time) JUDY PETERSEN
01-Jun-2020 - 31-May-2023
7. Member (Part-Time) CAROLYN HOURIGAN
20-Feb-2021 - 19-Feb-2024
8. Member (Part-Time) STEPHEN EATON
28-Mar-2021 - 27-Mar-2024
9. Member (Part-Time) IAN MCKINNON
24-Apr-2021 - 23-Apr-2024
10. Member (Part-Time) KAREN GOLDENBERG
01-Jun-2021 - 31-May-2024
11. Member (Part-Time) ANDREA ARKELL
04-Jun-2021 - 03-Jun-2024
12. Member (Part-Time) JO ANN (JAY) ARMITAGE
04-Jun-2021 - 03-Jun-2024
13. Member (Part-Time) LALITHA POONASAMY
06-Jun-2021 - 05-Jun-2024
14. Member (Part-Time) SANDRA LARMOUR
02-Sep-2021 - 01-Sep-2024
15. Member (Part-Time) MARNIE MACDOUGALL
05-Nov-2021 - 04-Nov-2024
16. Member (Part-Time)
17. Member (Part-Time)
18. Member (Part-Time)
19. Member (Part-Time)
20. Member (Part-Time)
21. Member (Part-Time)
22. Member (Part-Time)