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Minister's Advisory Council on Special Education

315 FRONT ST.W., 14TH FL
(416) 314-2333
Education Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. E.2, ss. 10(a); O.C. 920/2005 (opens a new window)

The Minister's Advisory Council on Special Education advises the Minister of Education on any matter related to the establishment and provision of special education programs and services for students with special needs, including the identification and provision of early intervention programs In particular, the Council: • responds to proposals or positions of the Ministry of Education or other ministries, as submitted to the Council • identifies concerns in the delivery of special education programs and services for students with special needs and provides information, advice, and recommendations for ministry consideration; • submits an annual report that includes the following: o the Council's priorities and a plan for achieving them; o an analysis of the achievement of the previous year's priorities; o recommendations to the minister • meets up to three times a year for a maximum of 4 ½ days per year.


The current membership consists of 20 voting and 3 non-voting members. Members represent either an exceptionality (e.g., developmental disabilities or giftedness) or a profession (e.g., teachers or social workers). Two members are cross-appointed to represent the Catholic Community and two others the French Language Community. There is also a representative for students/youth, and a member to represent the Indigenous Community. The non-voting members represent the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, and the Ministry of Colleges and Universities. All Council members are appointed by the Minister of Education.


Candidates may be members of an association serving the exceptionality or professional group, or they may be individuals who have wide ranging contacts with others within the community of interest.
Candidates will have knowledge of special education and a wide range of background experiences in order to maintain a balanced membership. Members will be selected with multiple criteria in mind:
·         all regions of the province;
·         urban and rural perspectives;
·         public and separate schools;
·         elementary and secondary education;
·         men and women; and
·         cultural and linguistic minority groups.
French and Catholic representation:
In addition to representing their community of interest, two of the members will also act as representatives of the Franco-Ontarian community, and two of the members will also act as representatives of the Roman Catholic community.
Time Commitment:
Up to three meetings per year, each spanning two days (normally in June, October and February). Sub-committees may also be struck that meet via teleconference between regular Council meetings. Members are expected to liaise with organizations within their community of interest. Contact should be made prior to each regular meeting of the Council in order to inform discussions, and again after each Council meeting to the meeting. 


Members are appointed by the minister for a first term consisting of a maximum of 3 years. Members may be eligible for reappointment by the Minister. A member’s combined service must not exceed 6 years. If a member vacates a position prior to completing the term, the minister will appoint another individual for the remainder of the term.

The council meets up to three times a year for a maximum of four and a half days per year.

Appointees are eligible to receive expenses.

Appointments & Vacancies

No. Position Member Term Location
1. Chair (Part-Time) PEGGY BLAIR
25-May-2020 - 31-Mar-2023
2. Vice-Chair (Part-Time)
3. Member (Part-Time) JANE CLEVE
01-Sep-2012 - N/A
4. Member (Part-Time) BEN SMITH
18-Feb-2020 - 17-Feb-2023
5. Member (Part-Time) GARY PIETERS
22-Dec-2020 - 31-Mar-2023
6. Member (Part-Time) JUDY CARTER
08-Apr-2022 - 07-Apr-2023
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08-Apr-2022 - 07-Apr-2024
8. Member (Part-Time) LEAH BRIGHTON
08-Apr-2022 - 07-Apr-2024
9. Member (Part-Time) LORIE LAROCHE
08-Apr-2022 - 07-Apr-2024
10. Member (Part-Time) PATRICIA L SKY
08-Apr-2022 - 07-Apr-2024
11. Member (Part-Time) ANNE KAWAMURA
16-Aug-2021 - 16-Aug-2024
12. Member (Part-Time) LAWRENCE BARNS
04-Oct-2022 - 03-Oct-2024
13. Member (Part-Time) DOMENIC GENTILINI
30-Mar-2022 - 29-Mar-2025
14. Member (Part-Time)
15. Member (Part-Time)
16. Member (Part-Time)
17. Member (Part-Time)
18. Member (Part-Time)
19. Member (Part-Time)
20. Member (Part-Time)
21. Member (Part-Time)
22. Member (Part-Time)
23. Member (Part-Time)