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Council Of The Ontario College Of Teachers

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ONTARIO COLLEGE OF TEACHERS ACT, S.O. 1996, C. 12, S. 2 (opens a new window)
O. REG. 345/96 (opens a new window)

The Council of the Ontario College of Teachers serves as the governing body for the college. The college's mandate is to regulate the teaching profession and govern its members in the public interest. The college is responsible for setting standards for entry and continuing membership in the college and accrediting teacher education programs and additional qualification programs offered by post-secondary educational institutions and other bodies. It issues licenses for all elementary and secondary school teachers, vice-principals, principals, and supervisory officers in Ontario and maintains a public register of licensed teachers. The college establishes and enforces professional standards and ethical standards and receive and investigate complaints against members of the college and deal with discipline and fitness to practice issues. The council manage and administer the affairs of the college.

Transition:     Protect, Support and Recover from COVID-19 Act (Budget Measures), 2020 amended the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996 to modernize the governance structure of the Ontario College of Teachers. The Lieutenant Governor in Council proclaimed into force the governance amendments on February 1, 2021, effectively starting the transition period and dissolving the previous Council. At the same time, a Transition Supervisory Officer for the College was appointed to ensure continuity and the effective functioning of the College during the transition from the previous Council to the new Council and to assume responsibility and duties of Council and for implementing the new structure. The transition period is anticipated to last one year, and the new Council is expected to be in place in early 2022.

Appointments & Vacancies

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