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Council Of The Ontario College Of Teachers

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ONTARIO COLLEGE OF TEACHERS ACT, S.O. 1996, C. 12, S. 2 (opens a new window)
O. REG. 345/96 (opens a new window)

The Council of the Ontario College of Teachers serves as the governing body for the college. The college's mandate is to regulate the teaching profession and govern its members in the public interest. The college is responsible for setting standards for entry and continuing membership in the college and accrediting teacher education programs and additional qualification programs offered by post-secondary educational institutions and other bodies. It issues licenses for all elementary and secondary school teachers, vice-principals, principals, and supervisory officers in Ontario and maintains a public register of licensed teachers. The college establishes and enforces professional standards and ethical standards and receive and investigate complaints against members of the college and deal with discipline and fitness to practice issues. The council manage and administer the affairs of the college.


The Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996 specifies that the college council shall be composed of 37 members: 23 elected by members of the college and 14 appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council in accordance with the regulations. The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall ensure that at least three appointed members of the council are French speaking and at least one appointed member is of Aboriginal heritage. The persons appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council must be able to represent the public interest and the interests of the education community. The chair is elected by the council.


Be a person of good character.
•    Be committed to serving and protecting the public interest.
•    Have experience as a paid or voluntary board member.
•    Have an understanding of the Ontario context, including the diversity of its people and communities.
•    Demonstrate superior communication skills (listening, speaking and writing) in English and/or French.
•    Be familiar with the Ontario education context but not be a current or former member of the teaching profession.
•    Have the ability to build consensus, sometimes within a group holding disparate views.
•    Be a person who acts with integrity and is committed to the principles of fairness, due process, impartiality, inclusiveness, transparency and accountability.
•    Be committed to ongoing training in order to serve effectively on Council and its committees.
•    Be committed to building a positive and respectful working environment on Council and its committees.


Members are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council to serve for a term of up to three years and may serve for more than one term but not for more than seven consecutive years.

The council meets at least four times a year.

Appointees are remunerated according to Schedule A, Level 1 of the Agencies and Appointments Directive

Appointments & Vacancies

No. Position Member Term Location
1. Member (Part-Time) COLLEEN LANDERS
05-Jun-2020 - 04-Jun-2021
2. Member (Part-Time) THOMAS POTTER
31-Jul-2020 - 30-Jul-2021
3. Member (Part-Time) BOB COOPER
12-Dec-2018 - 11-Dec-2021
4. Member (Part-Time) VINCENT RINALDO
12-Dec-2018 - 11-Dec-2021
stoney creek
5. Member (Part-Time) ELAINE LEGAULT
07-May-2020 - 06-May-2022
6. Member (Part-Time) TODD LALONDE
18-Jun-2020 - 17-Jun-2022
7. Member (Part-Time) RICHARD FILION
20-Jun-2019 - 19-Jun-2022
sturgeon falls
8. Member (Part-Time) JOHN CAMMARATA
31-Oct-2019 - 30-Oct-2022
9. Member (Part-Time) WANDA PERCIVAL
06-Dec-2019 - 05-Dec-2022
10. Member (Part-Time) BONNIE OAKES CHARRON
18-Mar-2020 - 17-Mar-2023
11. Member (Part-Time)
12. Member (Part-Time)
13. Member (Part-Time)
14. Member (Part-Time)