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Application Form Submission Agreement

Please read the privacy terms agreement before submitting your on-line application form:

The personal information requested on this Application Form is being collected and used by the Public Appointments Secretariat and the Ontario agency, board or commission to evaluate the suitability of all potential candidates for appointment to an Ontario agency, board or commission.  The qualifications of intended appointees are subject to a review by an all-party committee of the Legislature.  Additional personal information will be required from you if you are a candidate who is considered for appointment.  Personal information about you may also be collected from the organizations or from the references you have provided and used to evaluate your suitability as a candidate, as well as to verify the truth and accuracy of the information you have provided, and for no other purpose. 
This information will not be disclosed except as required for the above-noted purposes.  Any questions about the collection, use or disclosure of personal information requested on this form should be directed to the Public Appointments Secretariat at 416-327-2640.

*The Public Appointments Secretariat will ONLY consider information included on the application form.
Please do not attach a separate resume to form part of the application form and do not submit any other supporting material, including reference letters.

Please note that the online application process is incompatible with Mac computers and Mozilla Firefox systems. If you wish to apply please switch to Internet Explorer, or apply using the downloadable form.


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