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Appointee Biographies

Port Authority Board Of Directors - Thunder Bay


Wade Robertson studied Business Administration at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. Wade started his business career with Molson Breweries in Kenora, Ontario. Wade’s career with Molson span 15 years. After 5 years in Kenora as a Sales Representative, Wade was relocated to Thunder Bay as District Sales manager. Relocated to Sudbury Ontario in 1995 where he was promoted to Marketing Manager at Northern Ontario and then further promoted to Regional Sales manager at Northern Ontario. Wade left Molson to pursue a career in Insurance in the property and causality sector with Standard Insurance in Kenora, Ontario. Specializing in municipal and First Nation non-profit. After 17 years in the insurance industry, Wade retired in 2018 as President of Standard Insurance and managing partner (7 located and 125 employees). Throughout the years, Wade served on the KMTS commission, Lake of the Woods Business Incentive Corp as well as many years coaching of organized sports.