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Appointee Biographies

Council of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors


Peter Meerveld is President of The Strategem Consulting Group, providing planning, leadership assessment, mediation, business development and human resources. He is a former Director, Environment and Food Safety Policy with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Mr. Meerveld formerly held roles within the Ministry of Natural Resources including advisor to the Minister, Manager of Youth Programs and Conservation Officer. He holds a degree in Biology from Wilfred Laurier University.


John General is a former construction site coordinator and site superintendent for Habitat for Humanity and a former superintendent for Tonda Construction and Gillett Construction.


Martha Elaine George is the President of Grand Valley Construction Association. Her community involvement includes serving as a board member and member of the Senate for the University of Waterloo.


James Hunt is a barrister for James T. Hunt Law Office, and has been serving as a Chair of Source Protection Committee for Trent Conservation Coalition since 2016, and a former professor/instructor for George Brown College.