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Appointee Biographies

Health Unit Board - Sudbury and District


Claire Gignac’s career spans nearly 4 decades, includes working in direct pt care positions, policy making and research at HSN, RNAO and research at HSNRI. My work with smoking cessation started in 2006 working as QA for the Critical Care Program's Critical Care Information System. I completed Master-Tobacco Treatment Specialist from Massachusetts Medical School in 2013 and joined Tobacco Treatment Practice in Virginia USA in 2018. While at HSN,I was awarded several national and international recognition with Health Care Group in my work in advancing smoking cessation to inpatient & outpatients alike. I was profiled by Global Bridges, Mayo Clinic, American Cancer Society and University of Arizona. I represented Canada in International ATTUD,HSN in NE TCAN,Co-chair for Sudbury Manitoulin Ethics Network, Member of Laurentian University Research Ethics Board, President of Sudbury's RNAO Branch, President of AIIFO", guest on CBC white Coat Black Art. I teach at CAMH and am independent nurse counsellor.