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Pay Equity Commission of Ontario - Pay Equity Office

Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development
180 Dundas Street West, 3rd Floor
Pay Equity Act, RSO 1990, C. P.7, S. 33 (opens a new window)

The Pay Equity Commission is organized into two independent bodies: the Pay Equity Office which enforces the Act and the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal, an independent, quasi-judicial, adjudicative body which hears and decides disputes between parties. The Pay Equity Office assists employers, employees and bargaining agents in the public and private sectors in achieving pay equity in their workplaces. Its objectives are to create an awareness of pay equity legislation throughout the province; to provide education and information about the legislation; to provide effective policy support in relation to pay equity issues; and to offer an efficient dispute resolution process for pay equity issues. The Pay Equity Act enables review officers to issue orders where a contravention has been demonstrated and a settlement is not possible. Under that statutory authority, the Pay Equity Office performs "front line" or "first level" adjudication through the issuance of orders


The Lieutenant Governor in Council appoints the head of the Pay Equity Office, who is also the chief administrative officer of the Pay Equity Commission.


•    Accomplished senior executive with proven ability to lead and develop people and organizations in delivering efficient high-quality services.
•    Understanding of the pay equity environment, administrative law and the concepts of fairness/natural justice.
•    Knowledge of/experience in an adjudicative system.
•    Decision-making, negotiation and dispute resolution skills.
•    Commitment to fair, transparent processes.
•    Demonstrated skills in building productive relationships with a broad range of stakeholders.
•    Effective communication skills.


There is no limit in legislation, however, the Agencies & Appointments Directive limits the term of appointment to a maximum of ten years in total for regulatory and adjudicative agencies. Re-appointment to a further term beyond the maximum of ten years in total may be made only in exceptional circumstances in the public interest.

The office is operated on a full-time basis.

Appointees are eligible to receive expenses.

Appointments & Vacancies

No. Position Member Term Location
1. Commissioner (Full-Time) KADIE WARD
27-Aug-2023 - 26-Aug-2025