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Chair (Part-Time)
Source Protection Committee
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The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks is seeking a Chair for the Source Protection Committee for the Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Region.

Under the Clean Water Act, 2006, 19 local watershed-based source protection committees across the province were established by Ontario Regulation 288/07. These committees are made up of representatives from watershed stakeholders such as municipal, agriculture, landowners, industry and environmental non-government organizations, and the public at large.  The Act, under S 7(4) provides that the Minister shall appoint a chair to each of the committees.

Each committee, under the leadership and guidance of their chair, was responsible for preparing the terms of reference, the assessment reports and the source protection plans that are in place now to protect municipal drinking water systems across Ontario. 

Moving forward, Chairs continue to play an important role in guiding their committees in reporting on implementation of these plans and ensuring they remain relevant through future updates.

The Chair of the source protection committee will be expected to:

•      Chair regular meetings of the committee.

•      Provide leadership to the committee in the review and updates to the local source protection plan(s).

•      Work collaboratively with local source protection authorities to support municipalities and communities, implementing bodies and other stakeholders for the implementation of source protection plan policies.

•      Provide on-going leadership to the delivery of the source protection program.

•      Respond to the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks for information related to the submitted plan.

•      Raising awareness of drinking water source protection through speaking and other outreach events.

•      Be the local champion for the source protection program.


The Chair of the source protection committee is expected to have the following skills and qualifications:

•      Proven leadership skills.

•      Demonstrated ability to work with others to find collaborative solutions for complex issues.

•      Exceptional communication skills.

•      Advanced facilitation, mediation and negotiation skills.

•      Highly developed and effective networks established in the local community.

•      Familiarity with the rules of operation for committee processes.

•      Demonstrated ability to understand scientific concepts and technical reports.

•      Knowledge of the local watershed, communities and issues.

•      Expressed willingness to remain neutral.

In addition to this list of skills and qualifications, the Chair for the Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Committee is expected to live, work or own property within the Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Region (as defined by the Clean Water Act, 2006).

3 years
Chairs are appointed by Minister’s letter for a term of up to three (3) years and are subject to renewal.
Time Commitment
Quarterly meeting
Source Protection Committee Chairs are appointed on a part-time basis. Meetings are held on average on a quarterly basis. Appointees also participate in meetings with the Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks. It is anticipated that a Chair’s commitment to the role will not exceed more than 40 working days per year.
The Chair receives a $350 per diem plus reimbursement for travel expenses for reasonable work-related expenses in accordance with the Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directive and any other Treasury Board and Management Board of Cabinet directives.