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Posting Date: 02/17/2017
Closing Date:
Agency Title:
Grain Financial Protection Board
Position Title:
Chair (Part–Time)
Board meetings are held in Guelph, ON
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The Ontario Government is seeking a Chair to serve on the Grain Financial Protection Board (GFPB). The GFPB is classified as a Trust Agency (Trust Agencies administer funds and/or other assets for beneficiaries named under statute) and is established under the authority of the Farm Products Payments Act (FPPA).  

The Agency’s mandate is set out in subsection 4 (1) of the FPPA as follows:
I. Administer its Fund;
II. Investigate all claims made to it under the FPPA and to determine the extent of their validity;
III. Grant or refuse the payment of all claims or any part thereof and determine the amounts and manner of payment; and
IV. Recover any money to which it is entitled under the FPPA by suit in a court of competent jurisdiction or otherwise.

The primary role of the GFPB is to administer the Grain Financial Protection Program fund.  However, the GFPB also has an adjudicative role when determining whether any claims against the fund should be paid (e.g. conducting hearings in accordance with applicable legislation and board procedures, reviewing all evidence and rendering decisions that are independent and free of outside influence).

The Minister appoints not fewer than five members and may designate one of the members as chair and another as vice-chair. The Board traditionally consists of nine members plus a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, and are selected to represent the interests of the Grain Farmers of Ontario, Ontario Canola Growers' Association, and the Ontario Agri Business Association.

Administration of the Grain Financial Protection Program fund was established to protect producers who sell grains and oilseeds to licensed dealers and producers or owners who store grains and oilseeds at licensed elevators.

The Chair is accountable to the Minister for ensuring the implementation of actions to support the agency’s objectives and strategic direction. The Chair is accountable for carrying out the roles and responsibilities as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Minister and the Chair, and applicable government policies and directives.

The Chair is responsible for reviewing and approving, along with the Board, the Grain Financial Protection Board’s business plan, budget, annual report and financial reports as well as submitting them to the Minister in accordance with the timelines specified in the applicable directives and the MOU.
• Candidate should have knowledge and experience to be able to provide strategic direction to the Board.
• An understanding of fiduciary responsibilities and practical knowledge of accepted norms for duty of care required of the Board.
• A strong understanding of sound financial and operational business practices processes and practices; financial expertise and accounting or related financial management expertise.
• Expert knowledge of the grain industry in Ontario. This includes working knowledge of grain trading in Ontario and North America. an awareness of the context in which the GFPB operates, including the agricultural grain industry and the interests of stakeholders.
• A strong understanding of the context in which the GFPB operates, the interests of stakeholders and the public, as well as a general understanding of the government’s objectives.
• Ability to objectively assess evidence, legislation and policy in reaching a reasoned decision.
• Advanced dispute resolution and analytical skills to resolve complex matters involving multiple interests.
• Ability to formulate impartial and fair decisions using sound judgement and to communicate them orally and in writing in a timely manner.
• Knowledge of the GFPB’s constituting legislation, or the ability to acquire such understanding.
• Judgment to identify and address potential conflict of interest situations.
• Strong risk management skills.
• The ability to clearly articulate and implement a strategic vision and oversee the implementation of plans and strategies to deliver efficient, effective services.
• Effective communication and interpersonal skills to build productive relationships with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs, the Minister and stakeholders.
• The ability to deliver on government-identified priorities; such as: a commitment to board gender parity.
• Good organizational and computer skills.
Members are appointed by the Minister for a term of up to 3 years and are subject to renewal (reappointment).
Location: Board meetings are typically held in Guelph. Additional travel may be required from time to time.
Time Commitment:
Part-time (scheduled as needed and available).  The board meets four or five times a year, the number of meetings is dependent on whether or not there are claims.
The per diem rate for a Chair is $221. Appointees will receive reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred in carrying out committee duties in accordance with the relevant directives, guidelines and policies of the Treasury Board and Management Board of Cabinet. Expenses are subject to review by the Integrity Commissioner of Ontario and will be posted on the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs public website.
More Information:
For more information on the Farm Products Payment Act, please visit:
For more information on the Fund for Livestock Producers, please visit:
For more information on Fees Payable to Boards, please visit:
Ethics Statement:

Government appointees reflect the diversity of the people of Ontario and deliver services and decisions in a non-partisan, professional, ethical and competent manner with a commitment to the principles and values of public service.

If appointed you will be subject to the Public Service of Ontario Act, 2006 and Conflict of Interest Rules. Information is available on the Conflict of Interest Commissioner's website: You may also be subject to other statutes, regulations, rules or directives that currently exist or may be established which are applicable to agencies, board or commissions.

Ontario Human Rights Code:
The GFPB is an equal opportunity organization. We will accommodate your needs under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

To apply online please visit the Public Appointments Secretariat website at Please note that you must use the online Public Appointments Secretariat application form available on the Public Appointments Secretariat website to apply. A downloadable application form is also available. Resumes, cover letters or any other additional documents will not be accepted. For more information, please visit our how to apply webpage.

All applications must quote the file number PAS-1718 and be received by the closing date.  If not applying online, applications must be signed and received by fax, mail or hand delivery no later than March 24, 2017 and addressed to:

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